Demo/Game Songs Downloads

Welcome to one of the "hidden" parts of my website (due to its special content, links to this page can be found in some communities only). So be prepared for some really strange content.

The songs were originally made 1987-1990 on a C64 and a few ones later on PC. They were released under Blackman or Sompcound/S.A.W.. Don't confuse me with another guy and group called Blackman and SAW, respectively. Therefore, I decided to release the songs here under my real name.

Some of the songs were made just for fun, some were part of a few simple selfmade demos or games. Don't expect famous tunes here, as I was little-known to the public. ;-)

All songs are in Ogg Vorbis format, which I find gives much better compression than MP3.

Please do not link this site or the files directly as their position is temporary and supposed to change in the future! Link to instead! The redirection there will be kept up to date.

Song Duration Year Remarks
Top (my first) 2:25 1987 My first song on C64. I took the baseline from the 64'er-Magazin, where Soundmonitor was released. The melody was played live on the keyboard, so don't mind the non-perfect timing. It's live. At this time, sound-design was very difficult for me, especially the drums...
The Second 2:44 1987 As I ran a boring demo showing a picture of Alf, I pressed Reset after a few seconds. The I started Soundmonitor and found the song there. I found a usable basedrum-sound there and made my second song. Used in the demo "A Beginner's demo", but I don't remember whether it was released.
Still Flying 3:59 1987 Citing a friend of mine: "The name is really well-chosen. It sounds like a hymn against peace."
Ear Torturer 7:49 1987 My problems designing drum sounds were resolved as I found a way using samples. Samples and a few musical citations from the game "Bad cat".
Title4b 4:47 1987 Samples and a few musical citations from the game "To be on top".
Syntax Error 5:24 1988 Made after being frustrated of too much errors/crashes. Used in the demo "errors".
Lost Song of Great Giana Sisters 2:11 1988 I had to compose this song two times, as my C64 crashed and all data was lost due to a sudden decrease of voltage (my mother switched on the dust-sucker...).
The Last Man 5:40 1988 Used in a music demo just showing the shadow of a man in front of the horizon.
Without Digitals 1:13 1989 I wrote a demo in which I had to use a digital-free song. It's rather strange, so I decided to make a second one: Essay No. 2. Finally there were two versions of the same demo, which differed in the music. But I don't remember the name of the demo...
Essay No 2 2:00 1989 See above.
Nothing to hear 4:51 1989 This is the last song I did with Soundmaster. I worked some hours to get the drumsounds. I wasn't happy with the results, so for the next songs I switched to Future Composer.
Name lost 1:37 1990 A study in the usage of "Future-Composer". Used in the "Dödel-Writer", a tool which recorded and played back the keys pressed.
Tankforce-Zak 2:50 1990 First song made for the game "Tankforce".
Torongers 2:32 1990 Second song made for the game "Tankforce".
Done Processing 1:26 1994 An attempt on PC with Scream Tracker using self-recorded samples from various tapes. The voice sample was taken from the software included with my Turtle Beach Tropez sound card.
Dissonant sampled Techno 1:12 1994 An attempt on PC with Scream Tracker using self-recorded samples from various tapes. The samples are not well cut, which results in some annoying clicks.
Otti-Rave 1:52 1994 An attempt on PC with Scream Tracker using self-recorded samples from various tapes. Dedicated to our music teacher Ottmar Schue, who told us every lesson: "Mark/Frank, so geht das nicht!".