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Music For Haiti

Chill out, Pop und Ambient Songs to help the victims of the Haiti Earthquake.
From all over the world, musicians collaborated online to produce this CD. The result is a potpourri of sounds which leave nothing to be desired - atmospheric, melodious and rythmic songs to relax and enjoy. The songs are with all the heart and the fresh breeze of new talents.
The profit from selling this CD goes to the Red Cross to help the Haiti people - many of them lost home and family.


Buy AnaMark and help the victims of the earthquake in Haiti!

From now on until 15.02.2010 you will get AnaMark for 50% of its regular price and all the money will be donated to the red cross to help the victims of the earthquake in Haiti! All you have to do is to enter the coupon code "haiti"!
Order AnaMark


AnaMark 2.25 released! Download it here. What's new:

  • Micro Tuning: Two scales per timbre (= one scale per MIDI channel) which can be mixed/faded using Pitch-Bending (Scale Morphing)
  • Micro Tuning: Support of the new AnaMark Tuning-File format (*.TUN, V2.00) and AnaMark Multiple Scale Files (*.MSF)
    (See Tuning Specs Website for informations and tools)
  • Some minor bugfixes

Registered users of versions 2.x already received the update free of charge per email.
Listen to the new AnaMark demosong using multiple non-standard scales and scale morphing: Uneven Blur (1.4MB)


New AnaMark demosong using a non-standard scale: Mananark by Brian Wong (1.6MB)


New micro tuning file format AnaMark Tuning File Format V2.00 released. Specifications, tools and source code are available for free.
(Note: Release of AnaMark update which supports the new file format is planned for the next days.)


New AnaMark demosong: Toccata in E-Manner (2.4MB)


First german version of μGrain released
Infos and download.


At KVR forum I found some posts from people looking for the old Light-and-Free version of AnaMark. Therefore I put it on the site again. But note: This version is really old, and there is no support for it. Nevertheless it may be usefull for retro-sounds and has a very simple interface.
However, as AnaMark is completely downwards compatible, you may produce the same sounds with the current version as well (and much more, of course)...
Download AnaMark LF.


As my mailbox gets flooded by spam, the old email addresses info@... will be deactivated soon. It is recommended to use the online contact form accessible from the contact page.


AnaMark 2.21 released! Download it here. What's new:

  • Strongly improved CPU performance
  • Some bugfixes

Registered users of versions 2.x already received the update at the end of may free of charge per email.


This year's XMas present for AnaMark users: The XMas 2005 preset bank with 56 presets, see the "Miscellaneous resources for AnaMark". (Of course, download link effective from XMas eve!)


AnaMark skin "Black" by plastique, see the "Additional skins for AnaMark".


AnaMark presets released by Zvon, see the "Miscellaneous resources for AnaMark".


AnaMark 2.20 released! Download now or listen to the new demosong Episodes! What's new:

  • Many new presets
  • GUI: Revised and improved
  • Modulation spanning multiple notes
  • New modulation sources, e.g.: Channel aftertouch, key aftertouch, flip-flop...
  • Waveshaper: More features, more possibilities
  • New filters: double low pass, double high pass, bandpass, notch
  • New effect: "One Shot Delay"
  • Smoothing of modulation sources to avoid glitches
  • DC filter
  • Enhanced micro tuning features: Dirty Pitch, Scala Tuning Files, Keyboard Maps, MIDI SysEx Tuning Messages and Export as MIDI SysEx
  • Several bugfixes
  • ...and numerous other improvements...

Registered users of versions 2.x will receive the update within the next few days automatically free of charge per email.


New AnaMark demo song "dislocated" online!

Download it as MP3 (1 MB) or as Fruity-Loops source file (125 kB). This song is from Dynarec aka EasyMode.

Because he is one of the most active AnaMark users (did many demos in the past and a complete AnaMark preset bank), I want to use this space to announce his new EP "The Lost Souls". (BTW: The bonus track "Use only one" is pure AnaMark.).


There are 3 new skins available for AnaMark. You can download them in the download section


AnaMark 2.11 released! Download now!

What's new:

  • 17 new sampled waveforms
  • 415 Factory Presets
  • Function for generating random presets
  • Additional OSC oversampling for improved sound
  • Envelopes: 50 Points, "Point Snapping"
  • Waveshaper: 4 new transformation functions, 2 new parameters for manipulating them (smooth, mix)
  • Filter: resonator frequency independent of filter frequency
  • Filter: natural-scale frequency modulation
  • AmpEnv: volume keyboard tracking
  • FX: 2 new effects (Freq-Booster, Multi-Delay)
  • FX: improved delay effects (High-Damping)
  • FX: second FX-section to combine effects
  • FX: all effects synchable to the MIDI Clock
  • Global: micro tuning files support
  • Global: monotimbral mode available
  • AnaMark needs 25% less CPU power
  • Clipboard for copying/pasting/swapping presets
  • Spanish translation of manual and software completed
  • A few minor bugs fixed

Registered users of versions 2.x receive the update automatically free of charge per email.


AnaMark 2.10 will be released in february 2003

Preview demo songs, done with AnaMark only:
Demo song #1 by Easymode (compressed after mixdown)
Demo song #2 by Liqih


Improved FruityLoops compatibility.
Registered users who work with FruityLoops should send me a mail and they will receive the update V2.021.


AnaMark V2.02. New Features:

  • Skinnable
  • Clipboard for envelopes (copy & paste)
  • Polyphony controller (max. 16 voices per timbre)
  • Smoother release, presets adjusted
  • Overview page for faster access to important parameters
  • Improved note stealing
  • Parameter automation bug fixed: Now it's timbre-related
  • Bugs fixed which caused crashes on some systems
  • Some changes to avoid "P4 Denormalization Bug" problem

Registered users of versions 2.x receive the update automatically free of charge per email.


AnaMark V2.01. New features:

  • Freeform Envelopes (Screenshot)
  • Manual translated into Spanish (done by F. Astals)
  • Parameter automation bug in FruityLoops fixed
  • Some minor bugs fixed

Registered users of version 2.0 receive the update automatically free of charge per email.
A user reported problems with Emagic Logic. I'm working on this.


Release of AnaMark II!

Download the demo version
There is an upgrade possibility for registered users of version 1.x for EUR 15 (about USD 14). This offer is valid until 01.06.2002.
Order update


AnaMark II - The countdown has started...

In a few days the furious one will be released...

  • More than 20 methods to combine the 3 OSC
  • OSC allow feedback
  • More waveforms, more shapes
  • You can modulate almost everything: OSC, modulation-OSC, waveshaper, filter, panorama...
  • Allows anti-aliasing
  • Effects section with delays/reverbs, phaser, flanger, chorus

Hungry? Listen to these:
"Alpha preview"
Come again on Friday, 10.05.2002!


Cubase 5.1 R1 crashes with AnaMark.
Updating Cubase to version 5.1 R2PB2 solves this problem. The update can be downloadet here:


AnaMark version 1.03c released, which contains a minor bugfix concerning hearable clicks.
Registered users of version 1.0 receive the update automatically free of charge.


AnaMark version 1.03 released. New features:

  • multitimbral (4 instruments)
  • polyphonic (12 voices)
  • some minor bugs removed.

Registered users of version 1.0 receive the update automatically free of charge.


AnaMark now has install/uninstall-support


AnaMark version 1.02 released:

  • AnaMark is now about 20% faster
  • 64 new factory-presets
  • Function to create random presets
  • Some minor bugs removed.

Registered users receive the update automatically free of charge.

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