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AnaMark full version: Exchanging software for music

For Windows 8 and Windows 7 64Bit it is recommended to perform the installation manually. Simply unpack the ZIP file for manual setup into your VST-Plugin folder.

If you want to install AnaMark using the automatic setup, you need two files: the setup and the program file (DLL) (the latter needs to be unpacked before installation!).

First run the setup. During the setup process you are asked to provide the AnaMark.dll file which can be found in the zipped program file.

Donations: I would be pleased if you share some music you made using AnaMark with me. :-)

AnaMark freebies (older / special versions)

In the past, some special AnaMark freeware versions were released. Although they are really old, they run on current systems (e.g. Windows 7 64 Bit):

  • AnaMark LF: The last V1.x release. The sound is harsh and digital.
  • AnaMark FTV 1+2: AnaMark Preset Player. Each of both synthesizers contain one AnaMark Preset Bank. The restriction is, that the presets can not be modified.

AnaMark demo songs

All demo songs were done with the cited version of AnaMark. In some cases, EQ or compressor were applied. Where other synths or external FX were used, it is explicitly noted.

Using equal temperament scale

The equal temperament scale is the standard scale used nowadays in western music.

Song Format Created using Copyright
Telurica's Demo
external link to soundcloud
WAV AnaMark 2.25c TELURICA
Toccata in E-Manner (2.4MB) OGG AnaMark 2.21a
Drums: KORG 01R/W
Distortion-Effect: AmpSim
Nightmare in Paradise
Episodes (2.5MB) OGG AnaMark 2.20 Nightmare in Paradise
   MP3 (1MB)
   FruityLoops file (125kB)
MP3 AnaMark 2.10 Dynarec
Liqih Demo #2 (1.21MB) MP3 AnaMark 2.10 Liqih
EM Demo #1 (1.41MB) MP3 AnaMark 2.10 Dynarec
SpaceFly (1.1MB) MP3 AnaMark 2.10 Nightmare in Paradise
150BPM (770kB) MP3 AnaMark 2.00 Liqih
Downbeat (370kB) MP3 AnaMark 2.00 Liqih
Eternal Noise (2.3MB) OGG AnaMark 2.00 Nightmare in Paradise
Interfacial Parts (2.4MB) OGG AnaMark 1.00 Nightmare in Paradise
Mini-Demo (270kB) OGG AnaMark 1.00 Nightmare in Paradise
LF-Demo 1 (300kB) MP3 AnaMark 1.00 Nightmare in Paradise
LF-Demo 2 (660kB) MP3 AnaMark 1.00 Nightmare in Paradise

Using non-standard scales (microtonal)

Song Format Created using Copyright Remarks / scale used
Uneven Blur (1.4MB) OGG AnaMark V2.25
Drums: LM-9
Nightmare in Paradise Uses multiple scales (12TET, 12TET inverse, 11TET + symmetric point) and morphs between them:
12TET and 11TET slightly blurrs the tuning
12TET and inverse 12TET sounds like a weird pitch bend
Mananark (1.6MB) OGG AnaMark V2.21a Brian Wong The scale used is a subset of a hexadecimal just intonation scale : 1/1, 17/16, 18/16, 19/16...31/16.

Skins for AnaMark

"Black" by Plastique (click the image to download):

Miscellaneous resources for AnaMark (e.g. presets)

Latest ressource is listed first:

AnaMark tuning file format (*.TUN, *.MSF): Specifications and free tools including source code

AnaMark tuning file source on GitHub

As per 18.01.2020, the sources were moved to the GitHub repository 'AnaMark Tuning Library' to ease further development and to ensure availability for future software projects.

The sources are now under the so-called MIT license (it is indeed a X11 license without restrictions on software promotion).

Thanks to Taras Palczynski who launched the GitHub repo.

(Below you can still download the TUN-Tools, because they are not part of the GitHub repo.)

AnaMark tuning file format V2.00

What's new in V2.00

  • First of all: it is downwards compatible to V1.00
  • Additional informations included, such as e.g. Scale description - These are requirements for databases or search applications
  • Scales can be embedded in e.g. HTML-files - Use your browser to view the scales and share them over the web!
  • Scales can be built using algorithmic functions - Easy manual construction of scales
  • Scales include keyboard mapping
  • Multiple scales per file


  • Format specifications (PDF, ca. 330kB)
  • TUN-Tools V1.00 (ZIP, ca. 600kB)
    Free windows software: File editors and converter to use with .TUN and .MSF files. Also imports the widely used Scala format (*.SCL and *.KBM)
  • Free C++ source code (ZIP, 75kB)
    • Read/write/edit .TUN and .MSF files
    • Import Scala scale files (.SCL) and Scala keyboard mappings (.KBM)
    • Complete sources of the TUN-Tools V1.00

Supported by AnaMark, Version 2.25 and later (Will be released soon).

AnaMark tuning file format V1.00

Format specifications with source code to read/write these files is available for download:

AnaMark tuning file format V1.00 (ca. 12kB)

Supported by AnaMark, Version 2.10 and later.

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